Miranda Rudegeair

Dance Facilitator

As well as the kids who dance anytime/anywhere, my classes are also aimed at the kids who dance like rock stars in their bedrooms, but may not feel confident in public.

My Story

I grew up in Melbourne, Australia, learning ballet, ballroom, funk, jazz, contemporary, tap and hip hop.

I began teaching dance and personal training as soon as I finished school in 2001.  Since then, I have taught many styles including funk, jazz, hip hop, KPop, Body Jam, Zumba, and GROOVE to adults and kids of all ages.

In 2015, I moved to Honolulu, Hawaii.  This has been a life long dream for me

Over the years, I have learnt that kids (and adults) LOVE TO DANCE! But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are going to be professional dancers, or that they feel confident dancing when other people are in the room.

As well as the kids who dance anywhere/anytime, my classes are aimed at the kidz who dance like rock stars in their bedrooms and lounge rooms, but may not feel confident in public.

The classes I run encourage kids to express themselves creatively and tap into their own style while still ‘learning moves’.

I do like to do casual performances for parents and friends at the end of each term to give the kids an opportunity to “show their stuff.”  We also take advantage of performing at various community events, like school fairs and street festivals.

My Style of Teaching

Allow kids to be different

I feel this allows kids to learn how to add their own style into the dance, without feeling silly.  That is because, some of the time, I’m pretty silly.  Insert Facebook videos here.

Share and have input

By encouraging them this way, kids start learning how to create their own dances.  This is what makes my classes different. I do not stand out in front and teach the kids pre-choreographed dances. For the most part I will give them moves that are suited to who is in the room, and then I give the kids opportunities for their input. This way they feel like they are part of the process and that their ideas matter.

Keep it simple

There are no extra expenses.

No big stage extravaganzas.

No costume fees.


Just ridiculously fun!

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